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We are a full service auto repair facility. We service all import and domestic vehicles, including hybrids.

We specialize in engine performance issues and electrical troubleshooting. We also perform the following services:

*Malfunction Indicator Lamp, aka Check Engine Light, troubleshooting

*Electrical Repair

*Brake service

*Tire Repair and New Tire Sales


*Exhaust Repair

*Suspension Repair (shocks and struts)

*Factory Mileage Service

*Basic Maintenance Oil Change

*Steering & Chassis Repairs

*Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs


*Wheel Balancing

*Transmission Repair

*Engine Repair



*Air Bag Repair

*Anti Lock Brake Repairs

*And Much More

We also have the knowledge and experience to work on classics, including performing the "old school" tune up including, adjusting dwell, set timing and adjust air/fuel mixture. We are also capable of rebuilding carbs, including Rochester, Motorcraft and Holly's.

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In many service and repair industries a "standard warranty"  does not exist. Some auto repair shops tout a 2 year 24,000 mile ON ALL repairs while others don't even mention a warranty. If your invoice from us  states "12 months or 12,000 miles on parts and labor", then this section applies to you. There are limitations specifically to how labor is covered - read below:

Unless otherwise noted all NEW parts sold by us come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty, which ever occurs first. If a part has a nationwide warranty, it will be noted on your invoice. If a part fails during the warranty period, and you cannot return to us, contact us and we might be able to assist you in locating a repair shop that has access to the same parts we installed. How labor is covered is tricky and sometimes complicated. Labor is normally NOT covered by the part manufacturers, or the part suppliers. In cases where a repair shop offers a labor warranty they are likely absorbing the labor themselves, as a courtesy to their clients. In other cases labor IS covered, but is only a fraction of the normal rate. E.G. 50% . Unfortunately in many cases, it is up to the consumer to pay for labor costs associated with defective part under warranty.

So as a courtesy to our clients we offer a 12 month, 12,000 mile labor warranty on certain jobs, but it is NOT a nationwide warranty. In the simplest terms, you must return to our shop to have the labor covered. We do not pay out labor claims if work is done elsewhere  - NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Also, before a part can even be covered, it has to be determined that the part in question failed as a result of being defective and not as a result of abuse or other outside influence, such as modifications to vehicle, road hazards, or accidents. 

If our workmanship is ever brought into question, please contact us immediately so that we can look into the matter and move forward accordingly.

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